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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Pubs selling Cider and Perry

CIDER pub map for NLD pubs ...

Real cider and perry has become very popular in recent years and the availability in pubs has increased accordingly. It can be served through a handpump on the bar or direct from a polybox or tub on the bar or in the fridge. As with real ale, there are keg ciders that do not count and the CAMRA website contains a list of those that cannot be included, and why that is

The Learn and Discover group has a webpage with more information about cider and perry: See:

This list contains all the pubs in our branch serving real cider or perry that we know about. Additions and corrections welcome, please send information to John Adams - moc.liamg@0621apj. Some pubs don't sell it all of the time being a seasonal product.

We have had to remove all JD Wetherspoon pub in the branch as they do not currently stock what CAMRA defines as a real cider. The change in CAMRA's definition removing Weston's from the approved list has this consequence.

WC1: Queen's Head (eg Halletts and Sandford Orchards Dec 2021)

WC1: Lady Ottoline, 11a Northington Street, Bloomsbury WC1N 2JF (Crafty Apple Nov 2023)

WC2: Craft Beer Co. Covent Garden - Oct 2023 Dudda's Tun and Seacider

N1: Duke of Wellington (June 2023 - two Ascension ciders (Sussex) and Turners (Kent). Earl of Essex (Sandford & Turners May 2023),

N1: King Charles I - Friday 22nd September 2023, Real Cider continues to be served here. Available this time was Pilot from Ascension Cider on hand pump plus a couple of Seaciders in the fridge.

N1: Rosemary Branch (June 2023 - Three ciders all on handpump and all from different locations: Seacider (Sussex), Sandford's Orchard (Devon), Oliver's (Herefordshire), Wenlock Arms (eg Orchard Project Dec 2021).

N4: Brownswood Park Tavern (eg Seacider, Sep 21). , Salisbury (eg Harry's)

N8 Small Beer (eg Seacider), Priory, Queens

N16: Jolly Butchers (Sept 2023 - (eg Celtic Marshes (Thundering Molly) and one from Saxbys),

N19: Shaftesbury Tavern (Sept 2023 - Mango Seacider on handpump)

N22: Prince (eg Ascension, Turners, Seccider Sept 2023), Westbury ((eg Purbeck, Sep 21)

NW1: Exmouth Arms (eg Bollhayes, Crafty Apple, Seacider Feb 2022), Tapping the Admiral (eg Seacider & Turners, Aug 21 - Runner-Up in 2022 Cider Pub of the Year competition).

NW3: Duke of Hamilton (eg Seacider Oct 2023),

NW3: Magdala Oct 2023 - Seacider sticky toffee pudding

NW5: Pineapple (bag in box sometimes served from bar top - eg Turner's), Southampton Arms (eg Burrow Hill and Turners Dec 2021) . Winner in 2022 and 2023 Cider Pub of the Year competition) .

NW6 Alliance, West Hampstead (Oct 2023 - Seacider medium dry.), Black Lion, Kilburn (Oct 2022 - Seacider on handpump), North London Tavern (Sandford Orchards available on handpump. Feb 2022)

For more information on traditional cider and perry, go to