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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Golden Lion, Camden needs help!

Wednesday 7 September 2022

You could say this about many pubs currently but we thought it very worthwhile to share the pub's comments to highlight the problems being faced across the hospitality business.



Friends – We are sad to announce that we will need to make some changes to our offering to save the pub due to the current energy price crisis. Since July we have seen our electricity price increase 453%. So, to ensure that the business can sustain these prices we have to sadly cut back some elements of our day-to-day trading.

As of next week we will not be able to serve food 7 days a week as we would need to sell 100 extra meals a day to meet the energy costs and we don’t see that happening. Instead, we will soldier on with our ever-popular Sunday roasts as we simply couldn’t imagine the pub without roasts!

We will continue to make our kitchen available for pre-ordered functions and of course, Christmas parties but we just can’t afford to keep the kitchen ticking over day by day. Sadly, we will also be limiting our trading hours to help keep the electricity meter from having a fit.

From Monday you will find us open:

Monday – Friday from 3pm-9.30pm (we’ll stay open later if there is a crowd!) Saturday 1-9pm and Sunday 1-7pm (again, we’ll stay open later if there is a crowd!)

We absolutely hate having to do this, but we have been left with no choice due to an absentee government and ridiculous energy prices fuelled by a war in Europe and protectionism.

Make no mistake, for pubs and other businesses this is as serious and dangerous as the covid closures but without a smidge of support from the government.

However, rest assured The Golden Lion will continue to be here for you and these measures are temporary until the crisis reaches a resolution.

Want to make a difference? Help us out by writing to our MP Keir Starmer and ask him to put pressure on the government. ku.tnemailrap@ycneutitsnoc.remrats.riek