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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

On-Line social at the Red (On) Lion

Tuesday 4 August 2020 20:00

We are now having our weekly socials online at the Red (on)Lion every Tuesday at 8pm. The link is below, do join us with a beer!

The Red (on)Lion webcam tables are now only available for a maximum of one hour per person per day and this will eventually reduce to 30 minutes.

The North London CAMRA socials will continue on Tuesdays as before until we sort out alternative arrangements.

You are more likely to find others at the table if you join earlier, from when the sessions starts at 8pm. They may continue longer, via Zoom for example, if it is organised with those online.

The weblink is The table code is OOE-168 (letter O, not number 0)

It is suggested you login with your CAMRA credentials out of courtesy but there are other login options if you start at the main bar. The platform works well on laptops once you have got around allowing your webcam and mic but those on mobiles and tablets may need a bit more time sorting out settings. Other feedback suggests that sticking with Firefox or Chrome will work straight away, other browsers will need settings changing and Edge doesn't seem to work at all.

It is also suggested you use the weblink. The first time you use it, it will take you to the login page if it has not remembered your login. Once logged in, use it a second time to take you directly to our table.

If you have problems joining, please do keep trying!

Do support your local pubs and breweries and enjoy your beer with us. It has been enlightening who has been drinking what and where they got it from. You can even add which beer you are drinking under your name!

See you in the virtual bar on Tuesdays.