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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Post 5th November - Pubs/taprooms offering services

The attached pdf file dated 20/11/20 lists pubs offering Additional Services since the 2nd lockdown started, click here

CAMRA North London pubs offering additional services 20th November 2020

So, if you know something we do not know then send us feedback.

To ku.gro.armac.nodnolhtron@nimdaetisbew

Some of the information has been gathered from


We are leaving the following content here albeit not relevant during lockdown

Pubs were allowed to reopen on 4th July - not all pubs have taken advantage of this. CAMRA is trying to assemble information on who is open and listing this on the WhatPub website. In addition a web page has been created showing the position updated as we get more info.

Pubs in green are open; red closed; orange have an opening date; and yellow are only open for takeaways and deliveries. The ones in white are the ones we need to know about.